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A glimpse into the future of the owner-managed company and how to grow and sell your business.

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Rees Russell

Jonathan Russell has been a practising accountant for over 30 years spending that time advising entrepreneurs and private clients. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and past president of the UK200Group. Jonathan is particularly interested in the strategic issues of businesses and can often be heard asking “how are you going to exit – you wouldn’t get into a car without knowing your destination!”

The social generation of young people under 30 are challenging the pre-conceptions of older generations.  Experience is valued above possessions and a job much more than a career with its commitments.  Increasingly the responsibilities of ownership seem not for them.  How do you as a business owners looking to grow and sell your company, plan for this new world? Come to join us for the debate led by Jonathan.+