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download (1)Our first meeting of 2019 welcomes Patti McCarthy of Cultural Chemistry! Patti is a ‘cultural translator’, but translates behaviours rather than just words. She help expats adjust to their new lives and helps organisations to become more culturally intelligent, so they can really benefit from cultural diversity.

Patti is also the author of ‘Cultural Chemistry: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps’ which ranks 4.9/5* on Amazon and will be sharing her 4R’s coaching model, which will make you more culturally intelligent in no time!

You may think that you are perfectly comfortable with cultural ‘others’, but are your relationships with your employees, your clients and even your suppliers and as good as they good be?  Our culture affects everything from how we communicate to how we manage people (and like to be managed) and how we build relationships.  There is no right and wrong, but learning a little about what is ‘normal’ in other cultures allows us to think about ways in which we might be perceived by others, or could be more accepting that things can be different without needing to be difficult.

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