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Letting Go – the core to most of our challenges

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Our April meeting welcomes Rod Willis of Assentire to the WBB stage.

We are surrounded by clues to challenges we would do well to appreciate, however they are often hidden in plain sight.  Letting go of our current level of knowing can be the key to advancing our business, and the people within.

  • It’s common for people to think at different levels of complexity.  What are we consciously paying attention to, realising it is NOT possible to pay attention to every piece of data that is available to each of us. What might we be missing? The National Gallery has a surprise for us all! as will the ‘Ladder of Inference’
  • It’s common that people have Espoused-Theories as well as Theories-in-use, that means we may not be fully aware of why we do what we do! Has ‘Autopilot’ taken over more than we realise? Teaching Smart People How to Learn
  • How might we explore the relationships between ourselves and our people, better understanding the quality and quantity of these relationships. The Power of Relationships, Openness and Trust
  • What the real reason we don’t change when we might want to? A psychological dynamic called ‘Competing Commitments’

If we change our behaviour in a thought-out manner, we more often than not, can change our thinking.  Most try the other way around and it rarely works!

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