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The Ups and Downs of Running an ‘Adventure Business’

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Our June meeting welcomes Julie Macken of Neve’s Bees to the WBB stage.

Just over a year ago Julie decided she’d had enough of her ‘safe and secure’ freelance life, working for a number of corporate agencies, and decided she was going to focus her time and energies on something in which she truly believed – what somebody coined ‘her Adventure Business’.

Literally starting from nothing, they launched Neve’s Bees at the back end of 2017.

Whilst they are not about to retire to the Caribbean, they have a strong and growing sales base, are developing good brand awareness and sufficient income to pay a regular team of suppliers and outsourcers.

Julie is going to condense her ‘Elves and Shoemaker’ story into 20 minutes, drawing out the key learnings and pitfalls – so if you’ve ever wanted to do something truly different (or perhaps want to convince yourself that you don’t want this stress!) then come and hear Julie’s story.

Join us on the 20th to find out more – don’t forget to book your place!